How Taffix Works

Taffix has a proprietary action mechanism creating a hostile microenvironment in the nose  where up to 97% of airborne viruses can’t survive.

Nose and airborne viruses

Protect the nose

Your nose is the primary route of infection for all airborne viruses. It has a pH of 6.5 which viruses just love.

Nasal Spray for dual protection

Dual protection

The spray creates an ultra-thin gel in your nasal cavity that provides mechanical and chemical protection for 5 hours.

Blocking virus to enter the nose

Blocking effect

The ultra-thin gel lowers the nasal cavity’s pH to 3.5, where up to 97% of all viruses are rendered ineffective.

Taffix’s patented ultra-thin gel barrier provides dual mechanical and
chemical protection that provides 5-hour protection with each use.