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Taffix Family (4x1000mg)


Stay safe, you and your loved family, with the new personal anti-virus Taffix.

Taffix is a Powder Spray Device blocks up to 97% of airborne viruses in the nasal cavity and provides 5-hour protection with each and every spray.

Taffix acts within 50 seconds and is recommended for use a few minutes prior to entering public spaces.



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Product Description

How to prepare a new Taffix™ for use?

Test spray into the air twice with your hand
  • Take your Taffix™ Nasal Spray out of the package and open the lid
  • Shake Taffix™ bottle
  • Test spray into the air twice
  •  The Taffix™ is now ready for use

How To Use

Blow your nose

Blow your nose

Shake the Taffix bottle

Shake the bottle

Applying Taffix spray into each nostril

Apply 1 to 2 sprays into each nostril

Wipe the Taffix bottle with a clean towel

Wipe the bottle

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