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Taffix ® – Nasal protection against airborn viruses in crowded places

The Taffix® Powder Spray Device is indicated for use as a protective mechanical barrier against viruses within the nasal cavity.


  • Reduces the risk of respiratory virus infections
  • Acts within 50 seconds
  • Protects the nasal cavity up to 5 hours
  • Recommended for use a few minutes prior to entering crowded and public places.
Recommended for use prior to entering

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Product Description

How to prepare a new Taffix® for use?

Test spray into the air twice with your hand
  • Take your Taffix® Nasal Spray out of the package and open the cap
  • Shake Taffix® bottle
  • Test spray into the air twice
  • The Taffix® is now ready for use

How to use the Taffix®?

  • To defend against airborne viruses, Taffix® may be applied up to 3 times per day to maintain an effective barrier against viruses.
  • Taffix® bottle should be used for one person only to avoid contamination Mark your bottle and avoid sharing it with other people to prevent potential transmission of viruses or germs.
  • The bottle is intentionally not filled completely since the air within the bottle is needed for optimal spraying the powder to the nose.
  • The Taffix bottle contains 1g of gentle powder
  • Taffix bottle is sufficient for up to 200 sprays and should be applied up to 3 times per day.
  • Once applied, Taffix® becomes effective after a minute and is effective for approximately 5 hours.
  • During first use, you may experience a tingling or burning sensation in the nose especially if the nasal tissue is sensitive or inflamed.
  • You may also feel some form of irritation, especially if your nasal membranes are already inflamed or irritated. This will subside quickly.
  • Some individuals can feel a slight sensation or blocked nose, this is normal and is the feel of the barrier created by Taffix®. If you experience continuous discomfort you can wash your nose with warm water until relief. If you experience serious discomfort after application of Taffix® consult your physician.
Blow your nose

Blow your nose

Shake the Taffix bottle

Shake the bottle

Applying Taffix spray into each nostril

Apply 1 to 2 sprays into each nostril

Wipe the Taffix bottle with a clean towel

Wipe the bottle

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